Review Game Rules

Review Game Rules

The Review Game is designed to help you study for the test, and it’s a great way to earn extra credit. The game questions (and answers!) are posted in  ,and it is strongly suggested that you look them over carefully. If you can answer those questions, you’ll do well in the Review Game and, more importantly, you’ll do well on the test. Many of the Review Game questions are very similar to the questions you’ll see on the test. If you work with the others at your table (aka your team mates), you can greatly increase your odds of winning.


The Rules:

The turn goes clockwise from one table to the next.


When it’s your table’s turn, one player will be read the question twice, after which the question will not be repeated. Your table chooses which player goes first in the opening round of questions.


A response is expected after no more than a brief moment of reflection.


A correct response earns 2 points for your team, and the next question goes to the next table.


An incorrect response means that the question goes to another random table, and whomever’s turn it is at that table gets a chance to earn 1 point with a correct response. Right or wrong, the turn reverts back to the next table in the normal rotation.


When the turn comes back to your table, it goes to the next player to the left (clockwise) of the previous player.


Players on the highest scoring team will get 3 points added to their EC Vocabulary Review Crossword Puzzles, which then get added to their test grades. Second place gets 2 points added, and third place gets 1. Ties will be accommodated as they occur.


Notice that no EC Crossword = no Review Game extra credit!