Docs and Links

Earth's Motions Documents:

Earth's Motions Notes - Here's a spare copy in case you need it. A primary copy will be handed out in class.

Earth's Motions Extra Credit Crossword Puzzle - worth up to 5 points added to your test grade, and a great way to review the unit's vocabulary terms.

Space Exploration Websites:

Stellar Spectra - See if you can figure out which elements are in the spectra of stars on this interactive website.

Discharge Lamps A great pHet activity if you want to understand where colors come from. (Uses Java, so it won't work with Google Chrome.)

Newton's Cannon  - Newton used an imaginary cannon to explain orbital motion. Now you can fire Newton's Cannon and see for yourself. With a little practice you might be able to get the cannon to shoot itself in the back. This wouldn't actually work with Earth's atmospheric drag, but it would work on the moon.

Hubble Space Telescope - NASA's Hubble website is full of interesting information, and the greatest space image gallery ever.

Apollo -  Learn all about humanity's greatest adventure on this NASA site.

Vintage Space - Dozens of short, fascinating videos about the early space program by historian Amy Shira Teitlel. She's one of my favorite YouTubers.

Satellite Tracking - Satellites are visible just about every night, and this site tells you when and where to look, what satellites you'll be seeing, their purpose, and how bright they will be. You can easily see the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station, and many more, with the naked eye.

Astronomy Websites:

APOD - Astronomy Picture Of the Day -  An amazing collection of the best images from NASA. - All the latest news in astronomy, along with an archive that you could spend countless hours exploring.

How High is the Moon? - See how the ancient Greeks used shadows and geometry to determine the sizes of the Earth, moon, and sun, and also the distances between them, thousands of years ago.

100.000 Stars - A great interactive tour of our little part of the Milky Way galaxy. Start by taking the tour, then go check out our stellar neighborhood.

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest 

Periodic Table of Videos - Cool videos about every element, with lots of demos of chemical reactions.

PheT Earth Science Interactive Simulations - If you want to gain an understanding of fascinating concepts, and have fun doing it, these great interactive simulations are for you! Once you check out any of the concepts you're interested in, you'll be hooked. At least 20 simulations to choose from on all sorts of topics.

Your Blind Spots - Each of your eyes has a blind spot near the middle of your vision. Why don't we see it? Because your brain continuously makes stuff up to fill the blank. See for yourself!

Human Benchmarks - Test your reaction time and memory, and see how you compare to everyone else who has taken the tests.

Color Vision Test - Test to see how well you see colors.

Hearing Test - Test your ears frequency response. Can you hear sounds adults can't?