Classroom Wish List

These are some of the things I would like for the classroom to help make Earth Science fun and interesting. Most of what I'm looking for can be found on Mr. Dacey's Amazon Wish List

I keep the Wish List up to date, and donations of these items are always welcome. All donations become the property of Pine View School, or my students.

Apart from the Amazon list, I'm currently looking for:

12 4" Terra cotta flower pots (unglazed, no saucers) - they'll be used to contain a chemical reaction that will produce a stream of white hot molten iron. I show this reaction 6 times on Thermite Day, each demo requires 2 pots.

Up to 6 old, unwanted, metal pots or pans that are headed for the trash anyway. They'll be destroyed by the aforementioned streams of molten iron (for effect), and returned as souveniers.

Sea shells - for student incentives.

Common Fossils - I can use small, common ones to give as prizes, or larger ones for class demos. I can especially use anything from Florida.

I really appreciate your PACE donations that I can use to buy materials and supplies and especially to help offset printing costs. Thank you so much, Pine View parents are the best!