Homework and Activity Calendar

*Please refer to this page regularly as there may be changes due to unforseen circumstances.*

Unit 1: Introduction to Earth/Space Science

All homework assignments are due the next day unless otherwise noted.

week of 8/13 - 8/17

M - Introduction to Earth/Space Science

     hw: Complete Mr. Dacey's Website handout

T - Scientific Experiments

     hw: Read text p 6-9, prepare for Knowledge Check (see Grading Tips page) (postponed until texts are available)

W - Lab: What Affects the Swing of a Pendulum? (pt 1)

     hw: Read p 10-16, prepare for Knowledge Check (postponed until texts are available)

Th - Pendulum Lab, pt 2

     hw: none

F - Measurement: Imperial System vs. SI

     hw: none

week of 8/20 - 8/24

M - Dimensional Analysis

     hw: Worksheet: Dimensional Analysis

T - Precision and Accuracy

     hw: Worksheet: Using the International System (due Monday)

W - Measurements and Data Recording in Science

     hw: If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you have them for tomorrow's Health Screening

Th - Health Screening, Dimensional Analysis practice problems

     hw: Write the directions to make a marshmallow fluff and jelly sandwich in a step-by-step format. I may use your directions to try to make a sandwich in class, so write them as clearly and completely as possible. For the demonstration, I will have a butter knife, a paper plate, a loaf of sliced white bread, a jar of marshmallow Fluff, and a jar of grape jelly out on the table. The object of this assignment is to illustrate the importance of clear, specific writing.

F - Lab: Measuring Distance in SI

     hw: None

week of 8/27 - 8/31

M - How to B.S. in Science, begin Measuring Mass lab

     hw: Essays 1-2: (Essay questions are posted on the Essays page on this website) Use your notes to help you answer the essay questions. Your essays should be clear, specific, concise, and on topic, just long enough to completely answer the question. Answer directly; there’s no need to restate the question. Your goal is to demonstrate understanding, so explain where necessary, and feel free to use examples. Remember, 2 of the 5 essays will be on the test!

T - Lab: Measuring Mass

     hw: Read p 17-19, prepare for Knowledge Check

W -  Graphing Data

     hw: Worksheet: Graphing Data. Also, Mass Lab due

Th - Lab: Measuring Volume, pt 1

     hw: Essays 3 - 5 (due Tuesday 9/4)

F - Lab: Measuring Volume, pt 2 (due at end of period)

     hw: Prepare for Note Check and Review Game (see Grading Tips page), also EC Crossword

week of 9/3 - 9/7

M - Labor Day

T - Myth Busters and the Scientific Method

     hw: Prepare for Note Check and Review Game

W - Note Check, Review Game

     hw: Study for Test 

Th - Test