Homework and Activity Calendar

Earth's Motions

week of 2/5 -2/9

M - Earth in Space

homework: Read p 775-778 (up to Phases of the Moon). Prepare for Knowledge Check


T - Earth's Motions

homework: Watch the video Powers of Ten. (see Docs and Links page)

As you watch the video, list, in order, the objects encountered along the journey. Make 2 lists: one from 0 meters to the edge of the known universe, and the other from 0 meters the smallest edge of human understanding.


W - Seasons

homework: Essay 1-3, Dress for 20 minutes of solar radiation during Shadow Lab.


Th - Lab: Shadows, Direction, and Time

homework: EC Crossword, prepare for Review Game and Note Check


F - Video: Spaceship Earth

homework: Make Shadow Lab observations while the sun shines

week of 2/12 -2/16

M - Review Game, Note Check

homework: Study for Test, finish Shadow Lab observations


T - Test: Earth's Motions

homework: Read p 764-769, prepare for Knowledge Check, finish Shadow Lab observations


Space Exploration

W - Electromagnetic Radiation (with spectroscope demo)

homework: Read p 41-46, prepare for Knowledge Check, Shadow Lab due

Th - Lab: Origin of Color

homework: Essay 1

F - Video: Landing the Eagle

week of 2/19 -2/23
M - Presidents Day: No School


T- Refractor Telescopes

homework: None


W - Reflector Telescopes

homework: None


Th - Lab: Refractor Telescopes

homework: Essays 2


F - Unmanned Space Exploration

homework: None

week of 2/26 -3/2
Unmanned Space Exploration

homework: None


Manned Space Exploration (with vacuum demo)

homework: Essays 3-5

- Manned Space Exploration

homework: EC Crossword due, Prepare for Note Check, Review Game

Th - Note Check, Review Game

homework: Study for Test

F - Test

homework: None